32 Kings Hwy W Haddonfield, NJ 08033

A management and consulting psychology firm founded in 1956.  

Over the ensuing years, the associates have accepted assignments with a broad range of clients.  Woehr Associates has consulted to manufacturers, government agencies, insurance and real estate, financial institutions, retailers and a variety of other industries.

Woehr Associates concentrates on the following areas:

·         Individual assessment of prospective managerial employees.

·         Individual assessment of non-managerial employees who can impact the bottom line.

·         Individual assessment of current employees for purposes of future development or those being considered for an opening in a managerial position.

·         Individual assessment of managers acquired when a new asset is purchased or a merger takes place.

·         Career guidance for persons age 16 and older.

·         Brief assessments conducted on a client’s premises by the HR department and sent to Woehr Associates for scoring and interpretation.

·         Training programs, offered on site, covering interviewing techniques, harassment prevention, stress management, and employee review.

·         Counseling for family business and succession planning.